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Sunday, June 9, 2013

SnapPea 2.54

Manage Android from PC
You can organize your contacts, music, and pics from the comfort of your desktop. Transfer any file in the blink of an eye
✓ Manage your apps, contacts, music, photos, and videos

✓ Auto-connect over Wi-Fi or USB
✓ Backup your phone

Download Android Apps for FREE
Download thousands of apps for your Android, instant and free of charge

Saves data plan
Apps download to the desktop, so you no longer need to worry about your mobile data plan

Text messages from computer
Send text messages from a full-size keyboard, without touching your phone. It's like magic

Import iTunes music
Importing your iTunes library to your Android is just a click away. Don't leave home without your music ever again

NEW! SnapPea WEB
✓ Manage your photos and contacts
✓ Text message from your computer

SnapPea Preview
SnapPea 2.54


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