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Saturday, May 18, 2013

WSService Token Extractor 1.4.2 (Win8 Store App Crack)

How to start :
1) Install wscrack_32 or wscrack_64 depending on your Windows version - x86 or x64.
2) Install trial app store
3) Enter wscrack_anycpu \ TokensExtractor.exe
4) Now click on "Brute Force tokens.dat"
5) Locate your product and click "CrackIt!" (bottom of the list is mostly "............. (Trial)")
6) App is now full license.
7) Run app and see if it is unlocked.

I suggested above only as simple start. Any unskilled user can do it.
If you think you have some skill it would be wise for you to make redistributables for all apps you like
so you can install them anytime later without the need of windows store or even internet connection.
See "redistribution" folder for details.
After trial period MS will not allow you download apps again.
But my trial has already expired ! What to do ? Read info/MachineID.txt.
It requires some skill but it is possible to reset all trials.
As another solution I would suggest installing win8 VM with clean LiveID and getting appx from there.

Do not download/update through winstore client any apps you have bogus license for
before you read info/StoreWUAuth.txt carefully.
Here WSService store license tokens :
if you delete this file WSService recreate it empty with no licenses.
You can also backup and restore this file.

Force WSService to revalidate licenses :
rundll32.exe WSClient.dll,WSpTLR licensing
If WSService find bogus signature on an app it disables app.
To reenable it run WSServiceCrk and run revalidation manually.
It will see licenses are valid and reenable apps.
It is highly recommended to always have WSServiceCrk running.

Windows have some scheduled tasks about WS.
Run taskschd.msc and see yourself in \Microsoft\Windows\WS.
How to disable them :
schtasks /change /disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\WS\License Validation"
schtasks /change /disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\WS\WSRefreshBannedAppsListTask"

If you modify some files inside appcontainer app may become invalid.
To reenable it without reinstalling restore original files and look at
You will see subkey with and PackageStatus=2.
Delete subkey . This will restore ability to run the app.

You can monitor acitivity of WSServiceCrk by running DebugView from sysinternals.
To see what WSServiceCrk does check menu item:
Capture -> Capture global WIN32.
You will see when and what is validated by WSService.

In addition to WSService one more protection component exist - authentication of downloads.
Microsoft will allow you to download content only on behalf of valid license signed by them.

When you start installing an app from winstore client - request goes to windows update service.
If package is in the local cache (C:\windows\softwaredistribution\download) it is used without redownloading.
Otherwise storewuauth.dll is invoked. It's purpose - return downloading URLs to windows update.
It requests WSService for license and constructs authentication tokens based on the license.
Authentication tokens are passed to microsoft as parameters. If microsoft finds them invalid it returns
http error 403 (Forbidden). Storewuauth caches authentication tokens no matter request was successfull or not
and next time you try to redownload the app uses the same bad tokens from its cache even if license
was reinstalled and now valid. That's why you will never recover from this error until you delete
storewuauth cache.
When this kind of error happens you can see error code 0x8024600e in winstore client.

Happily you can easily clean token cache. Delete this file :

Next time you try storewuauth will have to construct new tokens and now they will be valid (if license is valid).
If you use bogus license you will fail. You have to uninstall bogus license first, clear storewuauth token cache and
get valid license. Only then you'll be able to download again.

If your trial is over see MachineID.txt. You can reset all trials.

Right idea - do not download/update through winstore client any apps you have bogus license for.
Correct way - grab appx from VM and install it without winstore.
On a VM you can try apps forever if you do things described in MachineID.txt - and without sacrificing your real LiveID.
If you still want to update through winstore - you need first uninstall your bogus license in TokenExtractor or you'll get 0x8024600e. But dont forget about trial period. If its over you risk to leave yourself with nothing.

Please, turn off your antivirus first
Don't worry, it's a false alarm. I promise

Alive: Putlocker & Ziddu


  1. This is a very nice article on token extractor i like your article.

  2. i cant install installer :( please help.... i got the error this app can't run on your pc,
    to find a version for your pc, check with the software publisher.... please help me

    1. Do you use W8? if not then you have to before using this.
      Or try to disable antivirus first if it's blocking the app

  3. i don't see any cracked apps when i open token extractor ( I have followed the steps correctly )

    i have downloaded many trial apps . see this screenshot
    I have Lumia 920 with windows 8 on my pc PLZ help me

  4. Try run WSService as Administrator
    Or if it's still, Microsoft may blocked the app, because this is illegal

    Reinstall the trial app, disable your network, then run the WSService

    1. nothing worked !!!
      My lumia 920 is only a week old . Do i need to jailbreak or something like that for this to work ?

    2. I thought that you use it for your Windows 8 PC. This app is still optimized only for Windows 8 on PC, not for Windows Phone

  5. THis program works awesome. until antivirus removes it

    1. You need to add exception to your antivirus before running it.

  6. i have installed the installer but nothing happens when i open the token extractor. please help

    1. The antivirus may blocked it. Try to add exception of this app to your antivirus

  7. i already turned both antivirus and firewall off. btw, im using windows 8.1. will this software work in my OS?

    1. Don't think it works in Win8.1, Using it too and it doesn't start.

  8. Will this s/w work Mobile phones?

  9. Replies
    1. Sorry for the late answer, but read my reply above

  10. same , it wont work on my win8.1 request for help/explain pls .

    1. It's just only for W8. The W8.1 version isn't released

  11. i have tried it on win8.1, its nt working> Hope the one for win8.1 will soon be released otherwise i will downgrade to win8

    1. These guys who make this app (maybe) won't continue this one.

      'Sorry if it's late'

  12. ow can i downgrade to win8.1> Help!!!!!!!!!!!! who knows how to crack win8 phone store?

    1. What did you mean by downgrading to Win 8.1? Even the 8.2 isn't released yet.

      By the way if you wan't to downgrade Windows, all the stuffs (files, apps, drivers, etc) installed on your computer will be gone. So you have to backup all those stuffs using backup software. You can use Acronis or the free one, which is listed HERE.

      Remember to backup to the separated disk (Like if you have drive C and D, which is the drive C is your Windows and drive D is your storage, then you MUST to backup to drive D). Or you can backup it onto your any external disks

      Now you can start installing your Windows. Reboot your computer first then insert the Windows CD and start installing :)
      Making app cracker isn't as easy as saying a word. Microsoft always provides updates for their newer softwares (only). So that's why Windows XP are the easiest one for those crackers.

      Sorry for the late answer

  13. please help me , i can't open token extractor
    it logically opens but nothing appear in the screen
    i'm using windows 8.1 by the way


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