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Friday, August 23, 2013

Mini Mix Mayhem


Bored of playing one game? Have you tried playing FOUR GAMES AT THE SAME TIME??

MINI MIX MAYHEM designed specifically to test a skill you will never need in real life, MINI MIX MAYHEM has you playing four minigames simultaneously. You have to see it to believe it!. Each little round is very easy, but put them together and it becomes an addictive, mind-bending barrage of inane, stupid tasks!

Team up with a mate for the two-player mode, on opposite ends of a single Android device!

If your Android tablet has enough pixels available, and you have some friends around, prepare for the bedlam that is PARTY MODE, where no fewer than TWENTY extremely easy minigames rush past your group's exhausted fingertips.

Features 36 individual minigames with a heap more on the way!

Requires: Android +2.2 

v2.0 - [FREE]


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