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Friday, September 27, 2013

Google's Doodle: 15th Birthday Hacks

Google is now 15 and they announce it with their new doodle, "Piñata Doodle" and somehow there's the secret how to get the unlimited score of the game.

2. Click the Play button on the cake in the Google doodle

3. Right click anywhere on the doodle and select "Inspect Element"

4. Click on the "Sources" tab

5. Click the small arrow on the left hand side of the inspector window (just below the X)

6. Click the arrow next to "logos/2013/bday13"

7. Click "bday13.js"

8. Click the "{ }" button at the bottom of the window, next to the line and column number

9. Scroll down to line 1744 and click on the number 1744 on the left hand side of the window

10. Click in the doodle to hit the pinata
(you'll notice that the animation will freeze and line 1744 will be highlighted)

11. On the right hand side of the window (under "Watch Expressions"), locate the word "Closure" and click the arrow next to it

12. Scroll down until you find the letter "S"

13. Double click the number next to "S" and change it to something big (100 for example)

14. Press the play button

HINT! In step 12, if you want to change the number of lives you have, find the letters "bd" and change the number next to it to the number of lives you want

Thanks to user Robert Bressi to make the video: Click Here for the Video


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