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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Acronis True Image Home 2013 v16 build 6514

Acronis True Image 2013 protects your photos, documents, music, mail, programs, contacts, calendars, and more. It stores your content in a secure online location and syncs it with your devices. True Image 2013 is safe, reliable, easy

It's a whole new vision for backup. It's the latest sync technologies. It's cloud storage. It's a new True Image supporting new devices. And it's easy to try now — whether you're installing it for the first time, or upgrading from a previous version

Breakthrough sync
The newest sync technologies are here. We've made synchronization fast, secure, and breathtakingly simple. The files you choose are pushed to all your devices - automatically, effortlessly, and seamlessly

Mobile file access
Your files are available from all your favorite devices, from smartphones to tablets and PCs. So your files are always available—anywhere, anytime. And mobile apps are available for free

Disk imaging
Restore everything - not just the files, but the exact configuration of your computer including your operating system, settings, and applications

Try & Decide
Avoid disasters before they happen. Try out new software and browse any websites, even if they are potentially dangerous. Try&Decide technology allows you to take a test drive and decide if you want to keep any changes to your computer

NEW Nonstop backup
True Image 2013 records ongoing changes as you work, so you can revisit any file, folder or your entire system as it was at a specific point in time

NEW Perfect sync
We've brought sync to near perfection. We took an already amazing technology and made it even better. Share unlimited amounts of information with your friends or between your own devices, and set any folders you want to synchronize – on your computer, phone, tablet, network, USB key or an external drive. True Image 2013 is so much faster and easier to use than ever before

NEW Windows 8 support
True Image 2013 is compatible with Windows 8 so it ready to go on all the latest PCs. Of course it also supports earlier Windows versions down to Windows XP. Stay current with technological developments! Or don't – your True Image software will work perfectly on virtually any PC

WHAT'S NEW (v16 build 6514 - Release date: April 04, 2013)
* Certification
True Image 2013 Update1 by Acronis is officially certified for MS Windows 8

* Improved operation of Nonstop Backup (NSB)
Now handles unplugging and plugging of USB storage while performing nonstop backup, even if it was unsafely unplugged. Also NSB now conveniently prompts you from the system tray to clean up the disk when it runs out of space on the target storage, and performs automatic defragmentation of the storage whenever NSB session is started

* System tray alerts
Users can now be more conveniently notified when an update or upgrade of the product is available and track the Acronis Cloud subscription state

* Software and hardware compatibility
Improved operation with external USB devices

* New panel notifications and log messages, updated Help and User Guide

* E-mail backup (MS Outlook 2013 is now supported)
* MS Windows 8 Secure boot is now supported
* Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) 4.0 support
Now the latest WinPE version based on the Windows 8 kernel is supported. You can create a bootable WinPE 4.0 disc that contains True Image 2013

* Windows 8 all Editions
* Windows 7 all Editions SP1
* Windows Vista all Editions SP2
* Windows XP Home Edition SP3
* Windows XP Professional(X32 SP3/X64 SP2)
* Windows Home Server 2011

* FAT16/32, NTFS
* Raw Image support

v16 Build 6514
(360.25 MB) - (MAGNETLINK)
Installation Instructions on the NFO file


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