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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tunngle - Free P2P VPN (v4.5.0.1)

Tunngle is a revolutionary p2p VPN tool that delivers the best online entertainment experience.
Tunngle is designed to allow PC gamers to comfortably play their LAN Games over the Internet.

It doesn't matter if your game is old, epic or brand new. You don't have to worry if your friends are miles away! 
Tunngle makes use of the games LAN mode to connect the players together.
Each game gets its own public network. Each network comes with its own chat! You can bookmark, list and search! 

LAN Emulation

Tunngle is a magic tool that will never let you down (even with the most troublesome games): its LAN emulation features are very powerful and will work with virtually any game that supports IP based LAN gaming.

Tunngle is even more: you can use the Tunngle LAN emulation with virtually any program that has IP based network capabilities. You will never see a complete list of supported programs-games because it would be too long. Everything can work with Tunngle.

Tunngle are now divided into 3, which are:

Tunngle Basic
This one is the free version of tunngle. You can use this one for your lifetime

Tunngle Premium
All "Tunngle Basic" features are available, plus:

  • Premium Networks

    Premium Networks

  • Clan Networks

    Clan Networks

  • Custom Nickname

    Custom Nickname

  • Traffic Controller

    Traffic Controller

  • Firewall Management

    Firewall Management

  • Tunngle DNS

    Tunngle DNS

  • Automatic Reconnection

    Automatic Reconnection

  • Custom Tunngle IP

    Custom Tunngle IP

  • Tunngle Lifetime
    Tunngle Lifetime is the promotional launch offer and our way to crowd-fund Tunngle.
    Lifetime costs 19.90€ (~ only a few months of Premium subscription) and gives you Tunngle Premium for your life! This means that your investment will repay itself in just three months!

    The idea is simple:
    if you support Tunngle now and help us gather the resources to develop Tunngle faster, you'll get Tunngle Premium for life in return.
    There will be no monthly fees, no annoying renewals and all future Premium Updates will be free for every Lifetime subscriber without any time limit.
    Tunngle Lifetime is an excellent way to support Tunngle and, at the same time, get to own its exclusive features for your life.
    Lifetime is an investment and it's really as simple as it seems: back Tunngle up now and you'll own the full blown Premium forever.
    You can upgrade your Account to Lifetime here.

    Tunngle Basic (LATEST - v4.5.0.1)


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